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One-Way Trip with Resolve 10

The concept of "Round-Tripping" a project between different software packages for finishing has been with us for a few years now. In a sense, it always has been in some form or another. I remember the excitement of walking into the telecine suite with selected neg rolls of film and an EDL for the colour grade, which then had to be re-conformed in an edit suite. Now we have just experienced the "one-way trip" with DaVinci Resolve 10 on a real project with a tight deadline... and it's great. > Read The Full Article

Case Study: Adding Production Value With Sound

Sound is a great part of a project to add production value because it adds so much towards the audience's perception of "quality" but does so in ways that the audience doesn't consciously notice.  In contrast, sound problems are among the easiest issues for the general population to identify. When Andrew McMunnigall, Senior Policy Officer at the NSW Government's Department of Trade & Investment came to us recently with a request to add production value to an existing video, we knew immediately that sound would play a big part in that process. > Read The Full Article

NSW Creative Industries – Case Study

(1) THE BACKGROUND The NSW Government appointed the Creative Industries Taskforce to lead the development > Read The Full Article

Directing: Steadicam

A behind-the-scenes practical guide to directing Steadicam. > Read The Full Article

“The Island House” – Making The Book Trailer

Behind the scenes of making the Book Trailer for the Posie Graeme-Evans novel "The Island House" > Read The Full Article

“Loved Ones” TVC – Colour Grade in Resolve 9

The charity  for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service is the first full project colour graded at The > Read The Full Article

“Loved Ones” TVC – Sound Design & Mix In Logic Pro 9

Logic Pro for Film & TV Mixing The Westpac Rescue Helicopter TV Commercial is the first project > Read The Full Article

“Loved Ones” TVC – Cinematography

A detailed, behind the scenes case study of shooting the charity TV commercial for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter using Super Slow Mo, a big Helicopter and DSLR lenses on the Sony FS700 > Read The Full Article

“Loved Ones” TVC – Westpac Rescue Helicopter – Writing & Directing

THE BACKGROUND It’s not often you get a chance to create a TVC from concept through post production > Read The Full Article

Sony NEX FS700 Hands on Review

Look out for the full Westpac Rescue Helicopter Ad, as well as behind the scene articles on the Script > Read The Full Article