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Directing: Steadicam

A behind-the-scenes practical guide to directing Steadicam. > Read The Full Article

Advanced 3 Point Lighting – Part 1

Almost all lighting setups use the 3 point structure, even if you think you're not doing it. Understanding what's going on frees us from trial and error lighting and gives us more power to be creative with lighting choices. > Read The Full Article

Directing: Real People

Real actors have the skills, techniques and experience to immerse themselves in a character so that they can breathe life into a scene and make a scene believable. Non actors, or real people - especially children & youth, don’t, so there’s a whole different skill set as a director that you need to employ. > Read The Full Article

Coverage & Crossing The Line

Coverage and Crossing The Line are two closely related issues that even come up to bite experienced film makers. Examining both the basic theory and complex examples, with scenes from real world projects, this article seeks to dispel some of the myths and fears about scene coverage and crossing the 180 degree line. > Read The Full Article