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One-Way Trip with Resolve 10

The concept of "Round-Tripping" a project between different software packages for finishing has been with us for a few years now. In a sense, it always has been in some form or another. I remember the excitement of walking into the telecine suite with selected neg rolls of film and an EDL for the colour grade, which then had to be re-conformed in an edit suite. Now we have just experienced the "one-way trip" with DaVinci Resolve 10 on a real project with a tight deadline... and it's great. > Read The Full Article

NSW Creative Industries – Case Study

(1) THE BACKGROUND The NSW Government appointed the Creative Industries Taskforce to lead the development > Read The Full Article

“The Island House” – Making The Book Trailer

Behind the scenes of making the Book Trailer for the Posie Graeme-Evans novel "The Island House" > Read The Full Article

Editing with Avid Artist Color and Media Composer 6.5

While starting to test the Avid Artist Color control surface with Avid's Media Composer 6.5, we stumble onto the fact that the Artist Color is also a powerful editing tool. > Read The Full Article