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PreSonus Faderport Review

Is Less Really More...? In the analogue world there was always a direct link between the size of a mixing > Read The Full Article

Sony NEX FS700 Hands on Review

Look out for the full Westpac Rescue Helicopter Ad, as well as behind the scene articles on the Script > Read The Full Article

Advanced 3 Point Lighting – Part 1

Almost all lighting setups use the 3 point structure, even if you think you're not doing it. Understanding what's going on frees us from trial and error lighting and gives us more power to be creative with lighting choices. > Read The Full Article

EX1 Settings Download

Downloadable setup files for the EX1 including B-Log picture profiles. > Read The Full Article

Atomos Samurai Review

Atomos follows it's HDMI Ninja with the HD-SDI powerhouse Samurai in the the same shell. Giving a whole raft of professional cameras a new lease on life by adding the option of low-compression, 10-Bit ProRes 422 recording. We put the Samurai through it's paces in the field. > Read The Full Article

Digital Cinema Playout from MacBook Pro

After evaluating several options, we chose a MacBook Pro to power a digital cinema screening. Here's how it went... > Read The Full Article

10-Bit Log from Sony EX1

To me, this was a little bit like trying to get a Cessna into space flight. Cessna's are very good, but they were never meant to be in space. The EX1 is great at what it does but was never intended to produce 10-Bit Log. But here it is... > Read The Full Article

The Secret World of Colour Correction – Part 1

Why is colour correction hard? You might be surprised to learn that it's actually a lifetime of thinking we understand colours that often stops us from taking effective control of an image. > Read The Full Article

Sony F3 & FS100 Comparison

A hands on comparison of Sony's two new, radically different professional cameras using the same Super-35 image sensor. > Read The Full Article

Atomos Ninja Review

The Atomos Ninja puts a high quality HD data recorder in the back of an on-board camera monitor with HDMI. > Read The Full Article