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Sony PMW EX1 Picture Profiles

Film Style Profiles

These are the main settings I’ve been using on the EX1 for the past couple of years.  I find them easy to work with and they are optimised to be colour graded in post.  They are only roughly calibrated to ASA/ISO ratings and you should experiment with exposure levels to get the results you want.  To get the film balanced colour temperatures you should use the Preset white balance setting on the left side of the camera.


Tungsten Indoor (3400 Kelvin):

1. 500T – 500 ASA Tungsten

2. 200T – 200 ASA Tungsten


Daylight Outdoor (5600 Kelvin)

3. 500D – 500 ASA Daylight

4. 200D – 200 ASA Daylight


B-Log Profiles

These are best used with a light meter at 320 ASA.  This will produce an image where the mid grey will be exposed at 38% as per Sony’s S-Log.


5. 320T Log – 320 ASA Tungsten in B-Log

6. 320D Log – 320 ASA Tungsten in B-Log


These log profiles are set to maximise the camera’s dynamic range as with S-Log & P-Log.  The settings for my original Log tests were quite extreme to match film LUT’s and don’t offer as high a picture quality as these settings.


Installation Notes

The files need to be copied into the same folder structure on an SxS card and then loaded directly into the camera. This can be done one of 2 ways. If you already have camera settings (for any Sony camera) saved on the SxS card you can drill down through the folders and just replace the PMW_EX1 folder including the .suf file. Alternatively, you can copy the entire SONY folder from the downloaded file onto the SxS card. You then go to the OTHER section of the camera menu then Camera Data > Load and then all of my settings will be loaded, including the Picture Profiles.

It’s well worth saving and making a copy of your own settings before doing this because it will replace ALL your camera settings with mine..!! You can do this by going into the Camera Data menu and selecting save. You can do this to either a different SxS card or do this before loading my settings and then copy them to your computer before loading my settings onto the card.


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