a gourmet Deep & Meaningful


An intimate series about food.


Promo completed.  Please contact us for Detailed Pitch Proposal.

Concept Synopsis

We love it, crave it, dream about it and can’t live without it.  Food is the most intimate and long term relationship we’ll ever have.  Yet how well do we really know this lifelong lover?  Men and women have different relationships with food.  There aren’t many men who would jump into their cars just to go get chocolate.  But we all have relationships with food that involve emotions, life experiences and personal expression.  It’s time to get a little closer to what’s on your plate.  Reach for the pizza, carrot sticks, ice-cream tub or wheatgrass shot and settle in.  It’s time for a little gourmet D & M.


A TV series of half-hour episodes looking intimately at food.  A Gourmet Deep & Meaningful is more about food than cooking.  The aim is to allow the viewer to experience the sensory pleasures of food beyond just cooking it.  This is a food show for people who eat, not just people who cook.

Style-wise, A Gourmet Deep & Meaningful is like the “Mad Men” of cooking shows.  It’s original and intellectual with luxurious visuals that pay attention to detail.  We also want to add a gentle sense of humour with surprising ‘a ha’ moments that will stay with the viewer way past the end credits.

Hosted by glamourous food scientist, Dr. Flavia Fayet PhD, each episode will explore a single ingredient and its relationships to you and your emotions and other foods.

The primary target audience is 25-55 with a strong female skew.  It will be designed to appeal equally to those who cook regularly and those who love food but intend to cook more than they actually do.


Director/Editor: Clara Chong

Producer/Cinematographer: Ben Allan ACS

Presenter: Dr Flavia Fayet

Composer: Paul Winn