Pitch proposal and mock-up promo of episode on Jetlag (titled Circadian Rhythms: The Secret Science of Food & Travel) completed. Please contact us for more information.

the show

FOODSPY is a sexy, smart 30-minute TV show about the secret science of food that will put the cat amongst the food pigeons with a heady blend of fact, drama & style.

Shot on High Definition (HD) for a polished, dynamic visual style, the show will be supported by a substantial website including a blog by the FOODSPY aka qualified nutritionist Flavia Fayet (Honours) BSc, MNutriDiet, APD, PhD Candidate and a forum where viewers can discuss the issues raised by the show.

the synopsis

Passionate nutritionist. Dedicated food spy. In an action packed world of good & evil on your plate, Flavia Fayet, aka the FOODSPY, investigates the truth behind the secret science of food.

the taglines

It’s a dangerous world of food out there.

Dr. Flavia Fayet PhD

She wants you to know the things your food isn’t telling you.

Food is not the enemy. Even bad food can turn good, and good food can go bad.

the host

Flavia Fayet is a younger, sportier Nigella. A model and pilot turned qualified nutrionist, Flavia’s intelligence and passion for health and nutrition is gently seductive.

the target audience

FOODSPY’s primary demographic is Gen X/Y. Informative & attractive enough for Gen X, youthful & sexy enough to appeal to Gen Y.