FoodSpy Baby

The Idea

A five-part TV documentary series investigating The Secret Science of Food & Babies.

The Concept

While there are several books and websites dedicated to foods to eat and avoid during pregnancy, there are too many conflicting reports which cause unnecessary stress for mums who only want to provide the best for their babies.  There is a need for serious, factual, up-to-date information about food, nutrition & exercise during pregnancy and beyond presented in a modern, entertaining form.

The FoodSPY documentary series aims to provide accurate expert information for new mums (& dads)-to-be about the Secret Science of Food & Babies.  There are five proposed documentaries in the FoodSPY & Babies series, the first to be produced will be #2: The Secret Science of Food & Pregnancy.

The On Camera Team

The FoodSPY documentary series will be hosted by Dr. Flavia Fayet, MNutrDiet, APD, AN, RNutr. with a dedicated interest in pediatrics and will feature a number of experts including Obstetricians and Midwives as well as talking to pregnant women.

The Production

Shot on High Definition (HD) for a polished, dynamic visual style, the documentaries will be supported by a substantial website including a blog by the FOODSPY aka Flavia Fayet and a forum where viewers can discuss the issues raised by the documentaries.


Please contact us for a detailed Series rundown and Pitch Proposal.