digital delivery

“If I’d built what people thought they wanted, it would have been a faster horse” Henry Ford, inventor of mass produced cars

DVD’s in many ways were the first stage of the evolution of digital delivery.  Today, pitch proposals, previews, film projection can all be done digitally.   Digital delivery means that what would once have only been possible in the same room can now be done irrespective of where you are on the planet.

Final delivery is available in a wide variety of formats.  Popular formats include Flash Video for internet, Windows Media Video *MWV) or Quicktime (MOV) for computer playback, PAL or NTSC DVD, iPhone (MP4) or iPad and both E-cinema and D-cinema.

We’ve had projects where we’ve had three representatives of clients spread across Chicago, Los Angeles and Vancouver, all watching previews minutes after finishing the edit and using the same techniques and technologies if they were a couple of blocks away.  On another project, we dealt with clients in Sydney, Singapore, California and India, all simultaneously looking at previews and joining in on conference calls facilitated by VOIP technology.