“There was an overall good vibe” Geoff Emerick, sound engineer for The Beatles

Sound is one of the most often forgotten elements of the filmmaking process.  In many ways this is its greatest strength because when it’s right, the viewer is affected by every moment of it but conscious of almost none.

Controlling voices, sound effects and atmospheres and placing them in different parts of the sound spectrum, gives the viewer stylistic and/or emotional cues to understand more than they can see.

At it’s most basic level, it allows for the adjustment of the volume of each element of the soundscape.  Beyond this is the capacity to fine tune all of the elements to bring out certain aspects of a sound or hold back others.  Selective use of effects like echo or pitch can be used to add more depth and colour.  The final mix-down then ties all of the elements together into a cohesive whole that the audience can experience seamlessly.

From an epic Australian story to a hyper modern technological soundscape, sound creates the impression of a more complete “world”.