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Ben Allan’s earliest memories are of living in a former gold rush town in the Australian outback and a small island in the middle of the South Pacific.

Ben wrote, directed and edited his first 60 minute science fiction film when he was just 11 years old. By 13, he was being paid to shoot wedding videos, and at 14, he was recruited by a local camera store to teach customers how to use cameras.

He had discovered cinematography at the age of 15 by chance when he stumbled upon an old copy of American Cinematographer in a second hand bookshop and by 21, he was a senior TV cameraman.

Then at 27, Ben became the 285th and youngest person ever to be awarded Accreditation by the Australian Cinematographer’s Society, giving him the right use the ACS letters after his name.

Ben’s work in film has garnered him numerous cinematography awards and his pioneering work with High Definition cinematography established Ben as an international HD master, regularly consulted by filmmakers from around the world.

In 2001 he was selected as the editor of the ACS journal, Australian Cinematographer.

Ben’s projects as cinematographer include the TV drama “Albert’s Chook Tractor”, the pilot for the documentary series “The Entrepreneurs”, the IMAX documentary “Knights Of The Sea”, episodes for the TV series “All Saints” & “City Homicide”, and the short drama “Sexy Thing” which screened in Official Selection at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. He has over 1,500 TV commercials credits.

In 2007, Ben established The Film Bakery with his wife and long-term collaborator Writer/Director Clara Chong to be able to create short & long-form projects from concept through to delivery completely in-house. The Film Bakery’s projects include work for Audi Australia, Apple USA and the Australian Government (DEEWR).

Ben has also guest lectured at AFTRS, KVB Academy, Metro Screen, the University of NSW, Sydney International Film School and has written many articles about filmmaking and cinematography for such publications as Australian Cinematographer Magazine, Inside Film (IF) Magazine, Digital Media World and presented several technical papers at Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE) conferences.

recent press

1. Talking Apple technology, editing, filmmaking for RMIT Podcast “Talking Technology”

2. “X Was Here if magazine article “Leads set for generational drama”

3. RMIT Podcast “Talking Business” 

4. “X Was Here” The Sydney Morning Herald/The Age article

5. “X Was Here” if magazine article “Caton, Jarratt to star in generational drama”

6. The Newshooter “The Cheesemonger”

7. “Westpac Rescue Helicopter”

8. Qantas History Documentary “From The Outback To The World” airs on History Channel


Macquarie University (1987-1992)

selected filmography

From The Outback To The World: 90 years of Qantas Innovation
Documentary (Director: Clara Chong)

McLean’s Money
Feature Film (Director: Gerald Lawson)

Greater Building Society “Seinfeld”
TV Commercials (Director: Christian Charles)

Catholic Education
TV Commercials (Director: Clara Chong)

Blue Lies
Feature Film (Director: Gerald Lawson) * Australian Film Festival

All Saints
TV Series

Sexy Thing
Short Film (Director: Denie Pentecost)  * Cannes Film Festival



Shadow Dream
Short Film (Director: Clara Chong)

Steal City Blues
Feature Film (Director: Gerald Lawson)

Albert’s Chook Tractor
TV Film (Director: Steven Thomas)

Desperate Deeds
Short Film (Director: Antonio Orena Barlin) * Hollywood Film Festival