Paul Winn


Paul grew up in a house full of music.  His father was a guitarist in various bands and the family home was always full of musicians, instruments and bands rehearsing.  Touring in a Kombi fitted to accommodate the family as well as band equipment, Paul spent many happy years watching his Dad on stage and sneaking up in the breaks to have a go himself. 

Paul’s early career as a virtuoso harmonica player was sidetracked at the tender age of two when he accidentally drowned his harmonica in the bath.  His distress was eased when the drummer of his Dadís band gave him his first set of drumsticks.  From that day, Paul assembled drum kits from frequently replaced boxes and tins until his Dad brought home an old Ludwig drum kit when he was seven.

During his school years, Paul continued to study all aspects of drumming and percussion, while playing for amateur musicals and concert bands.  He performed in his first professional band at the age of eleven and. Throughout High School, he played with various cover bands on weekends while catching up with sleep on Mondays during class, thanks to the understanding of some very encouraging teachers.  He also played guitar, sang and began writing his own songs.  After High School he auditioned successfully for the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (Jazz Studies), where he began to learn piano.

At the same time, Paul performed lead roles in musicals such as Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors and Scarecrow in The Wiz, while pursuing voice training with several teachers that covered vocal styles from jazz to opera.

Since graduating, Paul has performed with many bands, both covers and originals.  In 2003, he recorded the bandís first album.  In 2009, his second album “Nothing’s New” was released.  Both CD’s have sold in their thousands and have had airplay on local radio stations such as Triple M, Radar Radio and Triple J.  His film clips have appeared on Rage, Swaa and the Hack Half Hour.

Paul owns his own studio running protools HD, the standard in high end audio recording.  He divides his time performing live, writing and recording music for various projects and working on his original compositions. When asked about writing for TV and film he remarks “I love the process of creating music that blends with pictures and also the way music can add to the emotions you feel while watching visual images”


(as Composer)

Also various TV Commercials between 2007-present


From The Outback To The World: 90 years of Qantas Innovation

Documentary (Director: Clara Chong)



Greater Building Society

TVC (Producer: Martin McGrevy @ Concept Corporate)



UWS Residential Colleges

Promo (Director: Clara Chong)



NDCO: Your Own Path To Success

Promo (Director: Clara Chong)



Blue Lies

Feature Film (Director: Gerald Lawson)



UWS Student Services Video

Promo (Director: Clara Chong)



Real Insurance

TVC (Producer: Martin McGrevy @ Concept Corporate)



Heartbreak High

TV series (Director: Jessica Hobbs)



The Human Brain

SBS TV series